The Big Pit

First there was collapse of the main beam, then there was the demo day, and then. . .

It has been two weeks since the demolition of the structure, however we cannot go any further until we receive the building permit. We submitted the request for a building permit in June and now it is Aug. and we are waiting on the city, always seems to be something like that,
Then we get word that the permit has gone through and now comes the big pit.

I come home to this where my drive was. . .

Then I walk over the piles to see. . .

The Pit!

It is great to move ahead, however when I come home to see these piles of dirt and concrete on my driveway I am ready to freak out because the crew is coming over for a visit. There will be three additional families hangin at my house.

The Crew

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Nikki Says :
August 30, 2009 at 4:10 PM

That pit makes even Oreo look small!

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