Physical Therapy Week 5

PT day today.  Everything went well even after I hurt my knee a little trying to ride on Friday without a warmup.  Never had to do that before so it was a "rookie" mistake.  Got up to 116° of flexion and last week I maxed out at 108° so there is improvement even with my Friday disaster.  I made improvements on the stationery bike and I look forward to additional rides on my road bike this week.  There is not a lot there we are only talking about 5 miles or so, however my physical therapist said I should look at shorter more frequent rides.  I will take any excuse to be on the bike more! I have a long ride scheduled for my b-day so I hope I will be able to enjoy that.  I will attempt it even if I should not, I gotta get out there it's spring and summer will be here soon so I need to be doing something since I may not be able to run until fall.
Riding Pinkie after dark and trying to snap a pic, not the smartest(safest) move ever.

So much going on and missed time


I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted here, however it feels like I just went to OR and other activities yesterday.  Part of the issue is that I had a fall and tore a ligament or two and have been hobbling around since.  I finally went to see the doctor a month ago and I am now starting PT to resolve my knee issues, hopefully no surgery in the future!!

In December we had a run sponsored by Striders Running where we enjoyed trying shoes from Pearl iZumi.  I love my Hoka's so I did not partake but one of the guys I run with did.  He thought they were interesting and a little stiff.  All in all it was a great 5 mile run, just to get out there.

Taking the time to explain the technology involved in the new iZumi shoes, this was before they were in the stores!

Getting ready to throw down five on the open road, it was a very decent day for December

Pearl iZumi reps with swag and of course they shoes, they rolled out on the run with us.

This was some of the preliminary work on our booth before we headed up to the All-mountain demo.  Incrediwear is some of the best stuff in the world.  Best socks!  Best sleeves and braces for recovery!
Ready to take on OR.  This is one of the new configurations for the Incrediwear booths

Global Fat Bike Day

 Back in Black

The weather out was very pleasant and overcast.  This made for a great day of riding and today I rode on the Surly Pugsley Neck Romancer and what a bike.  First and foremost I have to give big ups to The Bike Shoppe for allowing me to enjoy the ride on a Fat Bike.

Thank you!

There were a whole slew of Fat Bikes at the Ogden event.  Mine is on top with a couple of Surly's and the boys with 9zero7 from

On the Bonneville Shoreline Trail just up from 12th street after the second climb and I am just starting to really enjoy the ride of the Neck Romancer.  I did not have to get out of the saddle in the steeps because this bike had great traction and the tire size allowed it to roll over most obstacles.  The only issue I had was rocks in a switchback, the handling was amazing and the ride was so cushioned that it did not need suspension.

The best part of the ride is the views we see from the trail.  The ride has been plush so far and the traction is amazing, have not had a single slip, such a clean run. A quarter of the way through the ride and everything has been so amazing.

Then the ride came to an end and we had quite the crew avail for an op at the end.  After riding for a couple of hours my hands were still good and did not feel like a non-suspended bike.  A great ride!  Thank you to everyone who was a part of the Global Fat Bike Day event at Rainbow Gardens in Ogden.  Thank you to The Bike Shoppe for the use of a demo Surly, you guys rock!

The long is that I need to get my hands on these bikes a few more times and different manufacture and model.  The short, try one of these bikes and you will be sold.  We will let you know when there will be a demo on the snow and after talking to the guys at I know there will be many a chance to get on one of these amazing bikes.

Post INTERbike review

Another day and now INTERbike has come to a close, this was my first show so it was a little overwhelming, however compared to OR it is not as large.  That said INTERbike is all about cycling and so for that reason I had to be there and I was not dissapointed.  Here is the review of the last few days and some products that will be coming up in later reviews.

I could not believe how hot it was when we got down to Vegas, this was at 5, so that was a little adjustment from the 75-80 degree weather we left.  There were so many booths and a lot of companies to check out.

B4 bikes has this super cool electric bike, looks like an old school motorcycle.
Solar power for recharging the battery

This is what a non-logo style carbon fiber bike looks like.
You could do it yourself if you know where to look.

Want to have a fine Italian hand made bike
Sarto will make a bike for you all customized
for less money than most production bikes.
These are hot bikes.

 Make yourself seen in a cool way
anyway you want

Enough with the individual gels
This will give several shots

 Another way of getting your gel in with your water

MadFiber wheelset is so rockin'

Phil Wood custom bike, simple and amazing

This could replace my B-16

Voltage cycle makes an amazing ride
Riding it is so kool, Did I mention,
I rode it?  Just did!

I want to have this, will have this as soon as they ship
The lens retracts, no bugs flying in between
your helmet and glasses.

I am pretty sure I need a new track bike

If your going to have a cruiser...

Aftershow slide

Stealth fighter
Race ready
Celeste is the color of excellence
So many things we saw and here are a few I may have missed:

Beautiful BMC with Di2, just over 15#

This bike is amazing

Beautiful Hand-built bike, amazing wheelset

INTERbike, welcome to Nevada

Waterfall inside the Palazzo

Talkin' about Caesar

More Celeste

I am going to put one of these beside the house

Paris baby!

I am so in trouble, porn for cyclists

Another run after lunch


So many bikes and not a lot time to ride

I saw this guy rolling on an amazing electric bike! I almost cried when I saw this amazing frame A tandem bike may be the only way I will get Dre on a road bike, either way I would get a workout. Fat Bike, I can say I want one!