So much going on and missed time


I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted here, however it feels like I just went to OR and other activities yesterday.  Part of the issue is that I had a fall and tore a ligament or two and have been hobbling around since.  I finally went to see the doctor a month ago and I am now starting PT to resolve my knee issues, hopefully no surgery in the future!!

In December we had a run sponsored by Striders Running where we enjoyed trying shoes from Pearl iZumi.  I love my Hoka's so I did not partake but one of the guys I run with did.  He thought they were interesting and a little stiff.  All in all it was a great 5 mile run, just to get out there.

Taking the time to explain the technology involved in the new iZumi shoes, this was before they were in the stores!

Getting ready to throw down five on the open road, it was a very decent day for December

Pearl iZumi reps with swag and of course they shoes, they rolled out on the run with us.

This was some of the preliminary work on our booth before we headed up to the All-mountain demo.  Incrediwear is some of the best stuff in the world.  Best socks!  Best sleeves and braces for recovery!
Ready to take on OR.  This is one of the new configurations for the Incrediwear booths

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