Post INTERbike review

Another day and now INTERbike has come to a close, this was my first show so it was a little overwhelming, however compared to OR it is not as large.  That said INTERbike is all about cycling and so for that reason I had to be there and I was not dissapointed.  Here is the review of the last few days and some products that will be coming up in later reviews.

I could not believe how hot it was when we got down to Vegas, this was at 5, so that was a little adjustment from the 75-80 degree weather we left.  There were so many booths and a lot of companies to check out.

B4 bikes has this super cool electric bike, looks like an old school motorcycle.
Solar power for recharging the battery

This is what a non-logo style carbon fiber bike looks like.
You could do it yourself if you know where to look.

Want to have a fine Italian hand made bike
Sarto will make a bike for you all customized
for less money than most production bikes.
These are hot bikes.

 Make yourself seen in a cool way
anyway you want

Enough with the individual gels
This will give several shots

 Another way of getting your gel in with your water

MadFiber wheelset is so rockin'

Phil Wood custom bike, simple and amazing

This could replace my B-16

Voltage cycle makes an amazing ride
Riding it is so kool, Did I mention,
I rode it?  Just did!

I want to have this, will have this as soon as they ship
The lens retracts, no bugs flying in between
your helmet and glasses.

I am pretty sure I need a new track bike

If your going to have a cruiser...

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