The sun is still here

I have been working on the garage and the deck lately, however I have not kept up on the picture taking. At first I thought it was extremely important, like I might need those pics one day to point out flaws or other issues. As time has passed and it has taken so long to get things done, it seems less important. With that being said, I do have a few pics to show developments.

The driveway has been poured

Of course the floor for the garage is completed as well.

Looking back from the street, you can almost see a garage there, at least that was what I tried to imagine and wanted to see in reality.

Then everyone got in on the action before the cement had dried, you can see paw prints from all the monkeys.

Then my perfectionist eye takes over and my joy for the cement being completed is shadowed by some little black clouds of imperfections in the work.

The first thing I notice is that my drive way is six feet narrower than it was originally. I expected to loose a little bit of driveway on the side away from the house since the old one went the whole width of the garage.

Then there is the window well, I do not even want to get started on that one. . .however my biggest problem was with the fact that there is no cement between the "well" and the driveway where there is a door to walkout but a hole to walk into

The good thing is that the driveway is poured along with the garage pad, it is very exciting however my common sense button is buzzing hard-core of the errors that should not have happened. The perfectionist in me is reaching a boiling point of why was I not called so I could be there to over see things and if there were questions, again why no call. Cement is one of those things that you cannot just move or redo easily of inexpensively. But it is done and here you view the finished product of the driveway/garage slab

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