More testing stuff


DO you think I have enough stuff for testing?  Well I have even more stuff to test and report on and one that I am currently using is...
I am on day three of wearing the Sockwa G2, the newest product from sockwa, I have to say that they are not what I expected.  I thought they would be flimsy and I would feel everything on the road or where ever I tread.  Surprisingly they are very solid and give me good feel of the land without feeling every rock or pineneedle.  There will be more to come on these as I spend a lot more time using them and testing functionality.
Liberty Bottleworks will be tested against other brands of bottles, both metal and polycarbonate.  We shall see how they function.

 This product is very tasty and a supplement I plan to add to my Saturday ride.  I will review these after I have had the chance to use them in the "field."

 I really liked the demonstration with this case for glasses.  They are part of a 3-in-1 system and I will most likely need to get another set to test more functionality of their other products as well as the fact that I am prone to loose these since they are small and soft.

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