Snow or Street

What is the better way to ride on the snow or in the street?

I can tell you that the street is cheap as long as your up(common sense).
The snow can be cheap if you will work for it(I want it cheap and easy).
On the street there is the streetcars to get up the hill and you just roll(definitely cheap and easy).
The snow can be forgiving when you take a digger, just watch out for immovable objects(again common sense).
The street leaves a mark that will be a reminder for days, sometimes longer(easy to get not so for recovery).
Powder is awesome when you hit the snow if you get a lift
Maybe I should put some runners on my longboard for winter

Not so COMMON sense
Bombing the hill beyond your ability
Rolling on a one way with traffic and cement barriers
Rolling into a T intersection, again with traffic and no stop lights
Hitting it without a helmet(lots of fun until a sudden stop)
Being outta control in an uncontrolled environment

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