What's wrong with the World

Politicians can make outlandish promises to get elected but lack the moral fiber to do the right thing by their constituents. Are we the American people that stupid to continuously fall for the same shit. Well I say that people are stupid because they expect the government to take care of everything and everyone. After all we are the richest country in the world (with the largest amount of debt and growing). We are worried about illegal alien's rights and say this is a melting pot. Why should someone who crosses a border or a sea get advantages of what taxes offer without ever putting any of those taxes into the system. Why should someone be allowed to live on the generosity of others all of their life and then their children expect the same thing. I understand down and out but providing a welfare state is a problem not only for the taxpayer but also the person who receives the benefits. Lets give a hand up not a hand out!! Worse than Welfare is when a CEO steers a company into the ground and floats down on a Golden Parachute. Are you kidding me, if you created the mess, you clean it up, and you don't get paid since the company has no money or has to reorganize. How about a company that as commercials about helping you be a responsible debtor and how they will help you make responsible decisions and then spends money for a bailout(they really needed the money when they were talking to congress to keep the company afloat) on a new corporate jet(way to be CITI). If congress wanted to be responsible(accountable) for the money they spend then these CEO who fly in on their corporate jets to request money would have to leave their keys at the door(Sorry Mr. CEO we have to repo your jet but we will use it to leverage some money for your bailout) and then enforce mandatory salary cuts. An 80% cut of a CEO's salary could help at least 20-30 people keep a job. Did I mention no bonus, I mean please, a bonus when you are asking for money to save your company. I am sorry did you say that you wanted to quit your job and look for work else where? I here they are hiring in India where you outsourced CS and IT. They may (may) take you down in Mexico you could make a whopping $10 an hour and work for 12 hrs a day. No you don't like that well no one in the US will hire you for more than 20% of your current salary or they will face investigation but will need to take the other 80% fo the salary they woudl pay you and forward that money to the crumbling company you just left. WAKE UP!!
Be responsible! Be accountable! Be realistic! Be an average joe! Be an american? Do some community service where the majority of the workers for your company live (not in the mansions you waste even more money on). Professional Athlete is that not an oxymoron. People think you should be a role model, maybe one in a thousand has the moral fiber to be a role model. Sorry I did not mean to beat up my wife in a roid rage or trash your car and someones life by driving drunk. You have to work for a few hours a day for several weeks, maybe even a couple of months but hardly a full time job. If you love the sport then play it in your spare time and don't take a dime. Same thing said for the promoters and agents and who ever else takes a buck off of someone elses talent, your the reason salaries (not really a job but ok) are so high. Do you really have to be told what is wrong with America or the World?

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