I have gotten to the point where I hate to drive anywhere. Could it be that there are so many idiots on the road? Could it be that people are rude and will cut you off just to be a car ahead of where they were? Could it be that a car is a steel (OK not that many cars made from steel any more) death trap that you could die in at any given time and wrong circumstance? Could it be that driving is just overrated and here in America we love our cars and independence? Could it be that most of the cars on the road leading to congested traffic have one person in them going to work? Could it be the jacked up, gas-guzzling show trucks (not used for work like construction, just for looks)? Could it be that everyone drives faster than the speed limit, except for that one car in the fast lane blocking traffic? Could it be that one idiot who feels it is their right to be in the fast lane driving 10 mph slower than everyone else and speeding up when there is a gap in the next lane over? Could it be the idiot driving 20 mph faster than everyone else who is already speeding and weaving in and out of traffic? Could it be all of these?

Yes there are too many people on the road who are idiots and they are rude. Why did you have to cut that person off who is now behind you just to move up a space, I don't know about you but I don't love my work so much that I need to race there and beat everyone on the road. Did you notice that you had to slam on the brakes because there was barely a car length between the person you cutoff and the person who is in front of you? You are the same person who will fly along in another lane and then block traffic to get over when every other normal person who needed to turn or get off at an exit already got in that lane a 1/2 mile ago. On top of that you get enraged that no one is letting you over since you deserve to get over right, again you are the most important person on the road and in more of rush to nowhere. Hey you lackadaisically driving in the fast lane, GET OVER or go with the flow! You do not need to teach anyone a lesson by driving slower, your going to cause an accident and some one may succumb to the steel death trap. Is a human life worth so little?!? You with the jacked-up truck that you use to impress your friends and/or the opposite sex, stop compensating and seek counseling, you might even help the environment. Lets get to the speed demon, SLOW DOWN, you dumb ass, maybe you have a death wish but everyone else on the road would like to be around tomorrow. IS there any wonder left as to why you get two idiots on the road doing their typical idiot stuff and then shots are fired? It may be senseless but it is not difficult to explain why it happened, they are idiots. To solve this we can have more gun control right? After all it was the gun that is an idiot, it just jumped out of someones pants or glove box and started shooting. right? More idiots passing the buck onto an inanimate object rather than putting the blame where it belongs. Well that's another day. Final word: CARPOOL

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