How to get a great deal on a longboard

Do you feel uncomfortable paying $150 or more for a longboard? Is it justifiable to spend all that money on a brand or well-know deck? Is the deck more important than the wheels, bearings, or trucks? Is there anyway to get the longboard you want without paying all the overhead?

Of course there is, but how do you get what you want or find a good board for a reasonable price? The first step would be to find a start-up company in your area who is looking to get off the ground. You can usually find a board for a great price if you just talk to the owners and work to help spread the word about their product. The main thing is that you will be riding their brand and other boarders will see you on it and may look to get one as well. Going this route may not always work and you may get components that are sub-standard, of course you can always upgrade especially if you saved money by purchasing this way.

Next thing to try is going with the local online classifieds. Craigslist is located in many larger cities and surrounding areas. The number one thing to remember with looking through classifieds is that there may be numerous other people out there looking for deals so when you find something good at a great price you need to buy immediately or check it out, the sooner the better. I have missed numerous opportunities for picking up a board cheap because I was not vigilante enough to stay on top of the adds and check every hour or so. I have seen boards go as cheap as $20 for a name brand and next to nothing for home-made versions.

Ebay is an option although I have seen a lot of boards go for more than they should plus you have the shipping. Ebay can be a great place for bearings and wheels but there are better ways to find cheap accessories online. Ebay is a good place at the right time, like the classifieds you need to be watchful for the bargin. The great hing about an auction is that the merchandise does not disappear as quickly. Generally you have several days to go before an auction ends if there is not a "Buy it Now" so the timing of check ins is not as important. When you get toward the end of the auction then timing is critical for bidding. But that is a lesson for another day.

The last option, however this is not the last thing to try is other skaters and boarders. For some it is hard to have just one board and ride it all the time, there are new upgrades, there are different decks in both size and style, and there are different wheels trucks, and bearings. All of these equate to a surplus of boards and oft times not thinking about getting rid of them they just pile up and go unused. Talk to other riders and see if they are looking to get rid of one of their rides. The other thing about talking to other riders is that you can learn new techniques and you may be able to ride different types of boards to see what works best for you. Personally I do not mind if someone wants to try one of my boards as long as they do not wreck or try to ride off with it. Usually you are swapping boards so their is less chance of someone riding off with yours and you have been talking/riding with this/these individual(s).

Number one rule is to get out and ride. You can always look for a board when it is raining, you have to go to work/school, or maybe you are injured. Go with what works for you, however be willing to try something new and you may just find an awesome deal!

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Big Bad Wolfe Says :
April 2, 2009 at 11:56 AM

There is a deal going on right now with Llama longboards to get a longboard that is normally $150+ for around $105, you save lots of money. Hurry and let me know if you want one. This will be ending soon

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