What is illegal

What is Illegal by definition: is forbidden by law or statute.  Illegal, unlawful, illegitimate, illicit, and criminal can all describe actions not in accord with law.  So why would I start off with this definition crap.  Well that would be the topic of the day, mainly that we often put up with certain illegal or illicit actions and we let them slide and others we do not.

Lets start with an example or two that most people could agree upon the first one being murder.  Most people would agree that it is illegal to take another life, especially when that action is intentional.  So more specifically I would take it a step further and refer to this illegal act as being limited to felonious homicide which is the killing of one human being by another involving what the law terms malice.  This action in every way is against the law although the intent can vary.  I do not want to get into a debate about intent, just trying to keep it simple.  

Stealing is another action that is illegal and most people would agree with that.  There is not really a way to change the idea of theft and make it a good thing or OK, definitely not legal.  I cannot find a way to justify theft and say that it is OK to do.  I am not saying that there are not extreme circumstances where someone may feel justified in taking something from another person, however the action is still illegal

Rape is an action that in no way should it ever be justified.  Again we are not talking about grey areas this is full on violation of another person and is the same as stealing because you are taking something from another person, however unlike stealing with rape you cannot take it back or give restitution, except for maybe rotting in HELL, that does not really help the victim or return their life to normal(how things were before the event).

OK so maybe you agree with what I have covered so far, however where in the hell am I going with all this?  Stealing from our children's future!!

I don't think there are too many people who have not felt a little heat when there are mentions of what some companies have done with money they have received to bailout their companies.  I think it is illegal to steal from our children to ensure the survival of a company and maybe it can be justified, however it is way past time for companies (mainly I mean executives) to take a hard look at what it takes to keep a company operational versus keeping them in the lap of luxury.  Are you so irresponsible and #*%^@#) greedy that you feel it conscionable to take from the next generation.  You are stealing and thus it is illegal to pay out bonuses for a "failing" company to executives who helped it along wit that "failing" or buy a corporate jet when your company needs money to do that.  Are you kidding me??  That is Rape!!  You are taking something that you cannot and do not have any intention restoring.  When your company is having issues then you need to look no further than yourself as an executive and say what can I do to make a difference?  Sell a house?  Sell a car?  Take a pay cut?  Loose your job?

Average working stiff gets laid off because the company needs to make cut backs.  Does his boss take a pay cut? maybe.  Does the next level of management take a pay cut?  Probably not.  Does the executive who issued the order take a pay cut?  Hell no he deserves a bonus right?  I mean it is not his/her fault that the company is loosing solvency right?  He is not the decision maker or held responsible for the performance of the company he/she is just there to collect a check no?

This is a call for responsible business decision making and appropriate compensation.  I know that millions of dollars a year is just not enough for one person they deserve bonuses and perks right?  I think it is time to raise the bar, high!  I think it is time for the salary of executives to equate to what they actually work for, an honest days pay for an honest days work!  If you own your company and it is doing great, then you are getting what you have worked for.  If you are an executive hired to work for a company, what have you done to get the company where it is at, what do you deserve to earn, definitely not millions!  No one will work for so little money, like a measly $100,000+, really no one?!!  There are people who do not have sufficient experience so how can they run the company efficiently, however they will take less money, again really? because the current regime is doing a bang up job?!!  Greed, selfishness, power, incompetence, entitlement, inefficiency, laziness, contempt, these are just a few problems with the way things are.  Be accountable!!  Be responsible!!  Be realistic!!  Make a difference!!

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