You call that a Hybrid?

Could the problem with the auto industry revolve around the issue that they have stifled outside innovation that could have revolutionized the way we drive cars and how they drive?
What could I mean by all of this. . .

Does anyone remember a little car that Honda put out in the 80's that was able to get 55mpg without using electric or hydrogen or anything other than regular gas?  I used to drive a 88 VW Jetta that got 45mpg. . .1988, hello. . .and today they think they are doing a good job of fuel efficiency if the vehicle gets 30mpg or better.

So why is that cars today are worse off than 20 years ago and technology is better. . .how can this be that we have gone from such great numbers to total crap.

Here is a link to some forward thinking:

Do we as Americans have to drive an SUV to work with one person in the car. . .think that is way off base?  While driving into work today, three people in the car, I counted over 100 people driving by themselves, no one else in the car or truck.  How many of these were larger cars?  60 of them were driving an oversized vehicle and they were the only one in the vehicle.  Absurdity!
We believe we need to have our independence and our SUV's, cross-overs, or whatever name you want to attach to any vehicle that is designed to carry ate least 6 people, being driven solo.

I will not go into how fast the majority of people were going, just that it was not the speed limit.  So we consume the most fossil fuels of any nation and most of that is used by vehicles being driven by one person.  

Is there another way. . .

Is there an alternative. . .maybe with the big three failing

What is wrong with mass transit. . .I know I hear it everyday about how uncomfortable it may feel to be surrounded by people.  It takes longer.  It is scary, the people who ride the bus or whatever.

Why not share a ride, does it take too much time out of your day?  Are you in such a rush to get to work?  Do you have to go out of your way, because you do not know anyone at work that lives close to you?  You do not talk to your neighbors so you have no idea if it is possible?

What is wrong with Hybrids?
What is wrong with the average person?
What is wrong with helping out?
What is wrong with mass transit?

Perception. . .It is time to change your view on life and think things through a little, don't be so selfish, self-absorbed, self-centred, and egotistical that you cannot look beyond your petty bullshit, self-pity, single-mindedness.
Do not drive  hybrid that only gets 40mpg. . .demand more, expect more, do more(walk, run, ride, hike), get out

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