Another Ride

For Father's Day I received a new deck from Kracked Skulls another local manufacturer of longboards. This is a board I have wanted to build up for awhile. THis would have been my first ride but then I found a Sector9 on KSL for cheap and went with that. Anyway back to the reason for being here: I picked up an M1 deck and it came in the mail all naked and clean. Did I take a picture of this new item, well no! It was naked it needed dressing up, so I put new trucks, wheels, and bearings.

Well that is not a very good pic but you get the idea.

Check the racing stripes, LOL! This is a custom paint job (can you tell by how bad it is) however it is on the bottom where things get scraped up so I was not too worried and no one sees this when you are riding anyway.

Then it was time to finish the top with some custom grip action. The great thing about this deck is taht i can go either way since there is no true tip or tail, however I put the KS logo on the "top" to indicate the general forward direction. One can always go the Lenitech way by reversing it.

This ride is flexy and strong. When I first got on it I thought it was gonna break because most of my boards are fairly stiff, but this one is a lot of fun and got the strength to pull thru. . .maybe I will do an update with an older dirty version once I have broke this ride in. I had to take off the 90's cuz this board cannot handle those big wheels so I dropped it to 76's and I will update with more pics later and maybe there will be a new pair of shoes in the 83 range goo balls even.

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