The End of a Season


We headed out on what is most likely our last camp out of the season. We love to get out and enjoy nature. We took the four-wheeler up to enjoy the trails and the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway has some serious terrain to take your ATV on. Wow it was a great weekend on the trail and in the mountains. Here is one of the crews we roll with hangin' out at Mirror Lake with Bald Mountain in the background. The morning started out brisk but the day turned out to be great heading just south of 70. It rained on the last night out but nothing that accumulated and it kept the temp up so that we maybe got down to 50. Camping is a great pastime for our family we just do not get to go out as often as we would like, but then who does. It is one of the best things in the world, next to riding.

The season is drawing to a close on riding as well. I have listed my singlespeed for sale and I picked up my new beauty. I have logged a couple hundred miles on this thing and I only picked it up about two weeks ago. It rides like a dream. I have enjoyed my singlespeed, however this baby makes me wonder why I have ridden anything else. Now I have a decent ride for the Tri's next year. I may even start with the St George century in the spring.

The beautiful singlespeed of mine is hard to let go of. I really enjoy riding it and there is something about riding fixie that I cannot explain, however it is just phenomenal. The only issue I have had with riding fixie is that I have no brakes it is all powered by StrongLeg and there have been a few close calls with certain vehicles of mass transit. The ride is quite and fast, except when going uphill.

This was an '84 Cannondale road bike in the 63cm format. It is very tall and makes for some fabulous riding. I have logged well over a thousand miles on this baby since I finished her in February. If she does not sell I will return her to the quiver since it is easier to ride fixie in the winter and the rain, not a whole lot of parts to maintain.

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