What Snow?

If it is going to snow in October you can usually count on the fact that the snow will be gone by the time you head home from work. If the sun comes out the roads will be dry. What does it all mean Basil? You should continue to ride your bike to work or school, you just need to wear a little warmer clothing. Do not let a little change in the weather keep you from doing the things that are healthy for you and green too! Not sure what that means, my bikes are Black, Pink, Silver, White, and Blue. I do not think we are talking about Dookie either, but I supposed it could be green, flashback to the days of changing baby diapers. . .I digress, get out there and ride, the only reason to not ride is because there is a lot of snow on the ground, the other days you can ride. I am still out there even though some people believe it is a little crazy to ride your bike in the "winter"

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