Another crazy run with Incredisocks

Saturday was the longest run I have run so far with hitting 19.54 miles in 3:31:20. I ended up being a little off of my pace from two weeks previous when I went over 16 miles. I track all my running and activities through mapmyfitnesscom, however i digress. I had been wearing my Incredisocks since Thursday morning and I completed my run on Saturday with out a blister and my feet felt pretty good, although it was 19 miles they are going to be tired. My socks were not soaked in perspiration as they would normally be after this type of run and my socks did not smell, stand on their own, or feel crusty. The great thing is that my feet used to hurt after a run like this and now here I am on Monday and my feet are great, heels do not hurt,ankles feel good. The only problem I had from this run is that my knee swelled up pretty good yesterday and I do not have an Incredibrace for my knee, however that will be one of the next things I pick up, since the socks work great I know the braces are even better. This is part of the pain of training for a marathon and I can tell you that to date this is been so very worth it. I love how I feel after running eventhough my body may reject that claim, I walk for hours after running to keep loose. I blame that one on getting older. My hope is that next year at his time my body will have completely aclimated to the longer distance runs. Incredisocks are making a lot of this easier for me when it comes to recovery. Look for us at an expo coming to an event near you.

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