Another week on Incredisocks

Saturday was another long run for my training.  This last week I did 20.3 in 3:40:00 or something close to that, my running partner had a few issues that slowed us down a little but I finished out strong on the last five miles.  It is amazing how different the running gets as the miles increase.  The best part is that my socks do not care how many miles I put in and it has helped my recovery when it comes to my feet.  My feet do not feel as tired during the run and by the next day my feet feel about the same as before the run, it is amazing.  I look forward to the time when Incrediwear has a running tight that will help my legs too.  The most incredible part is that I did this after putting in two other runs on the same socks earlier in the week, before I washed them after this long run, I oft times wonder how I can go so long on these socks compared to others.  My explanation is that it must be the bamboo charcoal and the way the socks are made.  Three weeks later and I am still amazed by these socks and I have worn nothing else.  I have put in another two runs this week with one over eight miles and the other over six with the same socks and they do not stink, they still feel great and I am ready to keep wearing them.  The old sock wearer in me wants to keep washing the socks everyday, however I resist the urge and keep wearing them and it is day five.  Amazing!!

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