My Incredisocks last longer than I do

I completed another 20+ mile run this weekend and my socks went though the week without a hitch.  They were ready to complete 26.2, however I did not want to do too much too soon.  Dang socks take a lickin' and come back for more.  I put more than 35 miles on my socks this week, that was just one pair for at least five days and three days of running.  I have been nothing short of amazed by my Incredisocks and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for socks, any socks, these should be the last socks you should ever buy.  I am not saying they will last forever since I have not had them long enough to put any kinda expiration date on them.  I just work them too death.  My parents have tried the diabetic socks, both of whom are diabetic, they are ready to buy more.  I sent them a pair to try and they are amazed at how they warm their feet when it is cold and increase circulation.  My Mom is excited to have a sock that will help her feet get through the day.  If you are reading this you should be ready to try a pair of these.  They are wonderful.  Let me know what you think, soon the whole world will be wearing Icredisocks, literally!  I should also mention that I have started my cycling season training and just put in a few miles this morning, my feet were not cold and I did not have my shoe covers on.  It was in the 30's and I did not have cold feet, could not say the same for hands with gloves on.  I think I need an Incrediglove to cover the hands, those may be made at some point, who knows.  My wife will be testing the Incredibrace for the wrist to help with her Carpal-tunnel, I will add that in when we have tested that.

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