Granite Gear testing

I have started testing the Granite Gear bags that I have and so far it has been pretty great.  The main bag I used was a compression bag in size M.  The model is eVent Sil Drysack 18L-Jasmine Green.

I placed all of this gear in the bag, I had a pair of sweats, my running tights, long sleeve shirt, long sleeve base layer, a mid layer mizuno breathethermo, nike windbreaker, fleece running jacket, a pair of glove, skullcap, running band, two 8oz water bottles, and GPS watch.  That is seven pieces of clothing and accessories for running. 

Here is everything mentioned above packed into the bag 

Side view of the bag with everything in it, however I have not compressed it

Then I roll the top twice to get a good seal, however I had to do a little pushing to get it compressed enough to roll it down.  This thing was full when I had everything in it.

Then I put the cover over the top so I could get everything compacted

Then I tightened it down to this size, it dropped it by at least a third in size.  The best part is that you can simply grab one of the lines you used to compress the pack with.

I would say this is the end product, it looks great, it is extremely small for the amount of stuff I have packed in there and it is easy to toss around.  I did not have any issues with it being tossed about and thrown into the trunk of the car with a bunch of other stuff for a trip to Boise.  The best part of this was when I wanted to go running, everything I needed was in there.  When you are done you can put it back into its 4X6 package that essentially lays flat.  This product is very smart and thought out.  Go get one of these.

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