The final 20


 This is my number one sock!
I know it is tall but it has worked great for winter training

I have completed the final 20+ mile run that I needed to do before the big day. I know have less than 20 days to the SLC marathon and I am so excited.  I executed another great run of 21 miles on Saturday and had my best training time, however I still felt a little slow but I am feeling really good about race day. 

 This is number two!
Incredisocks give a big boost to how confident I feel.  After wearing them through most of my training there is not another sock I would rather wear.  I loved how they made my feet be the least of my concerns during training, no matter what else was going on I knew I would have my socks to pull on after an ice bath or shower and my feet would feel great.  If you are a runner and you do not have a pair of these socks you need to get some.  I have racing buddies who are wearing them and you can too!  Treat your feet right and get a pair of Incredisocks, your feet will thank you.

In the news, I have signed up to do the Tour de Cure in Brigham City on June 11th and now I will be giving more updates about how Incredisocks work for my ride and help me feet from getting blisters or going numb.

The GeigerRig will be keeping me hydrated and has worked great so far for my rides home, that is for my next entry

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