One more 20+ after today

Today was a great run, a little slow but a great run because this was another 20 mile run and the marathon is getting closer.  Once again I had on my Incredisocks, I am hoping to have everyone I run with in a pair of them.  So far there are three people wearing them and two of them have commented about how they really love these socks.  I have numerous people tell me that they think these are the most amazing socks ever and we are close to having two retailers ready to sell the socks, should know more about that next week.  Today ended with a cold bath and some new shoes.  I have put a lot of miles on my old shoes and now it is time for something new, Mizuno has a shoe that I think will work best for more, the Wave Rider so one more thing that I will be testing. Neutral runners with high arches should pay attention to the reviews that will be out in the following weeks, that is how my foot is.  As always feel free to leave comments, the next product I will be testing and reporting on in the GeigerRig the hydration pack that doesn't suck!  Pics to follow and the introduction to receiving and working initially with the GeigerRig.

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Anonymous Says :
March 13, 2011 at 9:52 AM

Dude that is so crazy that you run that far in one day

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