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OT has some great products and one of the products I have been testing for several weeks now is the Bluetooth Tags.  If you are not familiar with them then check the link at the bottom of this post and like them on FB.


I would have preferred the Red Tags since I am a Ute fan, however that is just a preference and has nothing to do with performance.  The Tags have been great for me so far, I wear them around work, home, and I have ridden many miles on my bike with them.

Ready to Ride

I will start with what comes in the box and then about the box.  The main thing you receive in the box is the Tags themselves and in this case the black ones.  Ute fans can pick up the red ones, Go Utes!  There are three sizes of rubber earpieces to accommodate different ear canal sizes.  I use the large ones so that they will stay in my ears better when I am riding.  The Over Ear Sport Clip will also help to keep the tags in your ear, these are included as well.  There is a bag included to put your accessories and the tags in although I do not use it, nor have I used it. 

I have left the bag in the box, the box that for some reason seems really kool to me.  The box is acrylic and holds everything so no additional packaging is needed, maybe that is the reason I think the box is so kool and the instruction booklet fits nicely into the bottom of the box.  I recomend taking it out the first time you go to use the Tags since they let you know everything you need to know about operating and setting up the Bluetooth Tags.

The Box
I like the sound of the Tags and use them at work and home, I do not use them as much on the ride, when I am riding the wind tends to be noisier than the headset and does not allow for a good experience except when I wear my beanie over the top.  The single greatest thing for me is cutting the cord, I do not have to worry about my headphones pulling out of my ears because my pack is pulling on the cord and I like the feature of answering calls.  By pushing the button on the right earpiece you can turn the headset on/off, play/pause, and pair with a device.  The up and down button on the side of the right earpiece controls volume, ff/rew. and song advance/return.  Knowing which button and for how long to push is the main reason for reading the instructions!  Another feature that I use regularly is twisting the cord and letting them hang like dog tags, this helps to keep them out of the way when I am working on stuff.  Forgot to twist them?  I get a reminder to do that because they flap and slide, a couple of twists and re-clip and I am good to go.  The braided cord is another plus that works well when I am sweating and I do not get rubber sticking or rubbing on my neck, braided cords are great!

The Bluetooth range is pretty good when it is unobstructed, over 30'.  I have had issues when I have had the phone in my pocket and the Tags will cut out here and there, the same thing I get when I go into another room without the phone.  So there are some limitations but overall I have been happy using the Tags and being wireless.  The earpiece itself was a little bulky feeling at first and I have since adjusted to it.  I do not find them to be heavy they simply hang down a little more than regular headphones but are pretty small when you remember that they are in fact wireless.  This is part of the give and take.

Outdoor Technology just released their DJ Slims which I tired out at OR and have been anxiously awaiting their release.  They are available!



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