Keepin 'em around

There have been times that I have had my glasses ruined or lost by taking them off or having them fall off during activity.  When running there have been many times where my glasses have slipped because of sweat and general stupidity.  There is nothing worse than dropping a brand new pair of glasses on the ground and having them get scratched or worse broken.  If this has happened to you then this is an item you should take a look a at.

Croakies ARC system is a new take on an old idea,  I remember using Croakies back when I was in high school to keep from losing my sunglasses.  These are not the same kinda of retention system.  I like the ARC's ability to be flexible, on the earpiece cover I can adjust it to be up, down, or in the middle.  The cord that attaches to the two earpieces is small and light weight, also it handles sweat well since it is waterproof.  Another feature that I like with the ARC is the ability to remove ends, they simply snap off and you can change between the MIDD and MAX (both are included) or leave them on different types of earpieces.

In the closeup of the end there is a ball the inserts into the retainer, this is the point where it can be snapped off.  I used the MIDD end for my regular glasses and the MAX for my sunglasses.  If you do not want to wear your glasses, when you go indoors with sunglasses, you can drop them around your neck without worry of where to set them down and remember to pick them back up.  This is especially helpful on the slopes since I have lost a pair or two of my glasses in misses on a jump or catching an edge.  In the lodge I never want to set my glasses down for fear I will leave them behind.  I know I have a tendency to leave things behind or forget where I put them last, even when they are around my neck, on my head, or wherever.

The ARC is very light and sleek so I can wear them between activities like work, workout, or just going out.  I really like the way the ARC's feel and their ability to retain my glasses on my person.  The only issue I had with these was when I would ride my bike, however when I ride I do not generally stop and take the shades off so this was not that big of a deal.  When I put my helmet on I would get some rise out of my glasses when the back of the helmet pushed on the retainer.  To solve this I would adjust my helmet to be more forward so the back did not rest on the retainer, it was simply a minor annoyance.

If you are like me and prone to leaving your glasses laying around, I would recommend this product from Croakies.  The ARC system is light, flexible, waterproof, and saves money (purchase of new glasses when lost)

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