OR Winter Market

The dust has settled and the OR Winter Market is over and now the real work begins as we test products we picked up and a few surprises we had not planned for.  The Ribzwear front pack was one of the items that was a pleasant surprise and we cannot wait to test this one out.  I believe the Ribz front pack will work while for my cycling adventures and keep the sweat off my back.
This is a look at just the pack and ready to jump into action.

The Pack

Another booth that I really liked was seeing Zipfizz at OR.  I have already used their product occasionally but I will now be running for a week taking the product everyday and write about how I feel.  I already know that these taste great.

If you have never heard of Zippfizz then now is the time to check them out.  I just add this to 24oz of water, although they recommend 16-20oz, I think it tastes good with more water.  Zippfizz gives you a daily supply of  B-12, like 41,000% of daily intake.  There is no sugar with 10 calories and 2 Carbs.  Zippfizz has 100mg of Caffeine from green tea and Guarana but ya don’t get the buzz.  There will be more to follow on Zippfizz as I continue with my week-long challenge.

While I was running around in the Ski/Snowboard area I saw a familiar name from my GJ days, that was Loki, who have awesome gear and it is great to be back into some of their smooth-ass gear.  So ready to test their new stuff!

I am beyond excited about the gear that was picked up at OR and the reviews that will follow in the coming months.

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