Put some Zip in your step


 I have been taking the Zipfizz challenge and have taken a Zipfizz a day for over a week.  I must say that I love Zipfizz and it started before I decided to take the challenge, we buy Zipfizz from Sam's Club, I had never gone for more than a day or two in a row.  Part of the reason I had not done more than two days in a row is probably because when I but Zipfizz from Sam's I get a box of one flavor, Grape or Orange.  In taking the challenge, I received additional flavors to try including Pink Lemonade, Citrus, and Berry.  I really like Citrus and Berry, now that I have tried them, however I think Grape is still my favorite.

To start with Zipfizz comes in a tube with 11 grams of their drink-mix powder, which you add to water.  It is recommended that you use 16-20 oz, however I prefer to go a little more and I add it to at least 24 oz, I think it tastes better with more watered down.  This is a personal preference, I usually add more water to everything.

What makes this one different from energy type drinks is the high level of  B12, C and E, done with only 10 Calories and no sugar.  In addition to this it is low in sodium and high in Magnesium and Potassium, with no artificial colors or flavors.  Essentially it is the energy drink that is good for you!

When I take Zipfizz I can feel the energy I get, however it is not a rush I just have the ability to go longer or use it to recover after a long workout or run.  Because it is all natural I really like the way it tastes, each flavor tastes like it should.  I feel better when I take Zipfizz and notice at the end of the day when I have forgotten to take it.  I have taken Zipfizz at the end of the day to help when I feel really run down and it has not affected my ability to sleep, however I should not that I can drink a Coke before bed and it does not effect me.  I have used Monster or NOS to keep me awake when I have had to work late into the night slaying mosquitoes, however I feel edgy or jittery when I take them, my stomach usually reacts as well feeling acrid.  When I go out for a long run on Saturdays this is my recovery drink of choice, I supplement my Chocolate Milk.  More info on the comparison of Zipfizz

In the end, this is a product that I recommend you add to your daily regimen or include with your workout.  If you feel tired at the end of the day, taking a Zipfizz in the afternoon can give you the energy to finish strong!

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