D-FA gone to d-dogs

 While at OR last month I took my little buddy Bear for a day of excitement and madness.  He came into Winter Market on Friday and had to go all over the place as we tramped around the expo.  Everywhere we went, we were met with love and praise, at least Bear was getting some love and praise.  What a cute dog, what kind of dog is he, he is so soft, and what a good dog were the kind of things I heard about my little Bear.

 My little guy, Bear is kinda shy or maybe he was not ready for the camera.  We think he is a good lookin' Min Pin(Miniature Pinscher).

He usually rides on my shoulders, however for this pic he opted to hang with Mom, I think we were visiting Fruita, CO.

One of the booths that we frequented there was D-fa out of Wanaka, New Zealand, these guys are dog lovers no doubt.  I think you have to be to run a dog company, however they take it to another level and get down with your dog and find what will work best for each dog individually and have no qualms with doing an exchange for something that works better for your mutt!  Since they put a lot of time in up front, you don't usually have to worry about an exchange unless your kid is not present and you over/under estimate size and stature.

Bear is an active dog who has little size or hair to keep him warm, he is always shivering.  I would say it is because he needs a little more meat on his bones but he already weighs 20 lbs and his birth Mother comes in at 8 lbs soaking wet.  He is a big, little kid.  At any rate Angela hooked Bear up with
a Sub-Woofer, designed to keep him warm and let him be active so he won't overheat wearing it.  Angela slid it on him and he loved it, he was ready to take off.  I think Bear figured he had his jacket on and it was time to move on, which he did.  This jacket is designed with these features:

  • Windproof, and water resistance rated to 5000mm
  • Breathable fabric helps maintain a constant body temperature
  • Lightweight, two-way stretch fabric
  • Paneled design accommodates a variety of doggy proportions
  • Chest and belly panel keeps underbelly dry and clean while insulating the body core
  • Cut-away shoulder allows free movement of forelegs
  • Light-reflective piping to assist with visibility on night maneuvers
  • Pockets for storing important stuff
  • Easy on-off cam buckles; no velcro, sleeves, zippers or d-fa-difficult fastenings
  • Low FAF (fur-adherence-factor) on the outside of the coat
  • Machine washable and rapid dry 
And to help your dog with:

  • Walking or activity in wet, cool or exposed conditions
  • Maintaining body temperature between periods of activity
  • Traveling on the back of the truck
  • For better visibility 
Using this jacket is easy and works well with Bear, sometimes he gets ants or wants to chew on his clothes.  The chest and belly panel works great at keeping him warm but being out of the way, he can still lift his leg and not mess up his jacket.  The cam buckles are great and make less noise than using velcro, also the buckles are over the top of the jacket so I do not have to worry about pinching his skin.  I believe you could still do that if you paid little attention to doing up the buckles but it sure helps to have the jacket be next to them and they want irritate his skin.  There are pockets at the rear of the jacket which means that Bear can carry his own bags and treats, well thought out!  SO far this jacket has endured superbly and still looks new even with the kid trying to roll in the grass with it still own. 

Thank you Angela for such a fine D-fa product for my Bear!

I will be reviewing Oreo's jacket, be on the lookout for that post

If you want to get one of these jackets for your kid, check out REI they should have them and maybe soon we will have some close to us carrying them.  D-fa online

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