True Grit of PureGrit

While at OR last month I wondered by the Brooks booth and spied some cool looking black and green-soled shoes.  They looked great and I was shopping with my eyes since there were so many booths to get around to.  So I stopped and picked up a pair of these good looking shoes.  They were out of my regular size, however I went a little large since with the longer distances my feet do better with room to grow (swell).  Before I get to the running here are some details about how the shoes are designed and touted to preform.

Brooks states that these shoes will "Free your feet and embrace the trail with the PureGrit." They worked with ultramarathoner Scott Jurek, to create this outsole that has a concave shape. When your foot hits the trail, the split toe-box splays out to provide a better lay-down. The tread pattern is a "sleek grip lug" and has a wide base to help protect the feet but providing feedback about your terrain. This shoe fits like a glove, has support, yet feels good to a Neutral runner like myself.

As part of the PureProject this shoe has some innovations that endure the quality and durability you expect form Brooks shoes.  Generally, you can expect the PureGrit shoes, from the PureProject line to last approximately 250-300 miles. (This info is based off their website)

My initial reaction after trying on the PureGrit was here is a minimalist-like shoe with good cushioning,  a low profile, and felt agile. Weighing in at 8.9 oz (US men’s 11) this shoe is not the lightest shoe around however it seemed durable and fit well. First run in these was a 5K hittin the road for my minimal run, the shoes performed, I felt and looked fast.  Next was to hit the trail.  They performed well on the trail where I ran up Adam's Canyon, my dog thought that I should go faster, however the shoes were the star of the shoe.  I felt sure-footed and they handled the snow, ice, and rocks very well.  The ice and snow was in places and increased the further into the canyon I went.  I have not found a shoe that performs well in really icy conditions, that is why there are Traks or cramp-ons.  The next test was a decent 10+ mile run on a blacktop trail.  I really felt good throughout the run and I made turns, ran backwards, as well as made some circles around the group I was running with.  The traction was great and the shoe felt stable in the corners.

Here are my shoes after 25 miles on them, still looking new.  I did not hit a lot of grim or mud, just a few soft spots that slopped some mud around, nothing major.

I will compare this to a couple of other shoes as I get into testing additional platforms.

For full spec details on the PureGrit

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