After a week


Outdoor Retailer has been over for just over a week now and I have some findings to report on products I picked up and have been able to use.  This is a preliminary evaluation or a first look.

On the second day at OR I came across a booth that had an unusual product that would move the sweat through a channel away from your eyes over to the side of your face.  The demo was amazing and since I sweat a lot I was very interested in this product.  The GUTR is made from a PVC compound and is soft and flexible.
The Sweat GUTR comes with three different sized rings to make it adjustable for almost all head sizes.  A word of caution would be to not over-tighten the GUTR, on a trip a ran it a little tight for my ride to work and it took a little for the redness to go away from my forehead.  The first two trips I did not have that problem since I did not tighten it too much.  So far this product is amazing, however I will report on this after more rides and include some runs in as well.

Terox flip-flops are another product I have worn a lot since OR. I found out about Terox after talking to several people about the awesome Incredisocks.  One of those people was Cam White, who promptly asked if I had heard of or tried Terox.  I had not so I went over to their booth as he explained a bit about their products.  First and foremost you should buy Terox as your next flip-flop because they are made in the USA, that's right folks this is the first injection molded flip-flop to be made in America for a long time.
These are an amazing wear and should replace whatever you use for after-ride\run!  Super light and extremely comfortable this is a must have for almost any trip or whatever event you may be at.  I have worn these everyday since OR and they are my go to slip-on.  These can be worn in the shower, on the road, chillin' at the beach, in camp, or jut to walk the dogs(at least twice a day)!

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