Physical Therapy Week 5

PT day today.  Everything went well even after I hurt my knee a little trying to ride on Friday without a warmup.  Never had to do that before so it was a "rookie" mistake.  Got up to 116° of flexion and last week I maxed out at 108° so there is improvement even with my Friday disaster.  I made improvements on the stationery bike and I look forward to additional rides on my road bike this week.  There is not a lot there we are only talking about 5 miles or so, however my physical therapist said I should look at shorter more frequent rides.  I will take any excuse to be on the bike more! I have a long ride scheduled for my b-day so I hope I will be able to enjoy that.  I will attempt it even if I should not, I gotta get out there it's spring and summer will be here soon so I need to be doing something since I may not be able to run until fall.
Riding Pinkie after dark and trying to snap a pic, not the smartest(safest) move ever.

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