Incredisocks are incrredible

These socks are amazing, when you first put them on your feet you will notice how soft they are and then within a few seconds you will notice a little warmth being generated. This is the action of the bamboo and charcoal that produces negative ions. These ions interact with the ions in your body and help to increase circulation. I have tried these socks in comparison to other socks and so far these take it every time. It makes a big difference in how my ankle feels while running and after. About three weeks ago, I over-tightened by shoes and did nine miles. My foot was killing me after the run and I did the usual wrap and ice for days nursing it to the point that I could run again, however it still hurt in the morning and sometimes on my runs. After using these socks I do not feel pain while walking or running. Every now and then I might tweek it a little the wrong way and it hurts, but these socks have made all the difference. Did I mention that when you wear these socks it is like not wearing them? I put them on and compared to the other socks I wear they feel like I am wearing nothing, they are so comfortable. I have been able to wear these socks for more than one day which is a first except for camping, I could not believe how great they felt and that is when I went out and ran seven miles, after wearing them for two days and my feet felt great. The socks were not crusty like other socks I have worn for more than a day and I always change socks before running and after so this was a big change for me. The first pair I tired on was at the Outdoor Retailer expo and my feet were tired from walking and a little sore from a new pair of socks I picked up the day before. This does not mean there was a problem with the socks it was simply that I had been walking around for five hours and my feet hurt. Nick at the expo asked me to compare another sock I had just got that had a crazy thread count to compare to the Incredisocks, so I put one of each sock on. Within a minute my right foot was feeling good again and I could hardly tell I had a sock, I could not believe it so I went and walked around some more and they right foot still felt great and the left foot still hurt and I could definitely tell I had a sock on that foot. WOW! These socks are amazing! Everyone should go to and get a pair of those sock tell them Tom sent ya.

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Wolfe Den Says :
January 31, 2011 at 12:05 PM

Ok as his wife he asked me to smell them after he ran. I know it sounds disgusting, but low and behold it didn't have this horrific smell. The smelled like they had been worn for a few hours. I was very surprised. I too have tried them and that warmth was a really cool feeling.

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